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Every step counts when you are running. Every step counts when you commit to running a marathon every single day of the year.

That’s right, according to The Copenhagen Post, Annette Fredskov ran a marathon every single day of the year from July 15th 2012 until July 15th 2013.

Fredskov was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) three years ago, and never let that stop her from achieving greatness.

“Three years ago, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and today I have – without any medication – no problems or symptoms of MS. I believe that running marathons has played a large role in the fact that I am healthy today,” Fredskov wrote on her website. “Two years ago, I thought the same thing most people think: ‘Running a marathon isn’t healthy. A marathon is damaging to  the body and it takes a long time to recover.’ I have now changed my mind. Marathons are the best things that have happened for my body and soul.”


You put one foot in front of the other. It’s not about being the fastest, it’s not about being the slowest. It’s about pushing yourself to the point of your own personal greatness.

This story about Fredskov shows the resilience of the human spirit. That no matter what life hands to us, we have the choice to meet it head on or to let it consume us. Fredskov chose to take full control over her MS, and chose to push herself past everyones expectations.

“I DID IT,” she wrote on Twitter, according to The Copenhagen Post. “It has been a completely indescribable and fantastic day. My dream has become reality. It cannot be described with words.”

Not only did she run a marathon every day for a year, but she ran two marathons on July 15th, 2013, rounding her year off with 366 marathons in 365 days.

Every step counts. Where are your steps going to take you?

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