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Megan Welter spends her Sundays cheering on the Arizona Cardinals as one of the team’s official cheerleaders. Beautiful, energetic, and coordinated, you wouldn’t look at Megan on the Cardinals’ sidelines and think she could flat out kick your ass. (Author’s note – she can.)

Five years ago, this rookie NFL cheerleader chose to enroll in the Army’s Officer Candidate School after graduating college. She knew it would be almost a certainty she’d be deployed overseas into battle. But as she puts it, the decision was “the right thing to do.” Megan is a third-generation soldier and currently serves in the Army Reserves in Mesa, Arizona. She is in charge of 150 soldiers and continues to lead men and women alike. Her story is pretty incredible and this talented young woman is just starting her life as a member of a NFL cheerleading squad and the US Army.

See Megan’s entire story on the Arizona Cardinals’ featured video here.

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