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So you think you’re tough? Have you met NHL forward Gregory Campbell? The Boston Bruins forward showed that he was willing to win at all costs during last night’s Stanley Cup Eastern Conference Finals Game Three.

During the second period, Gregory took a shot off of his right kneecap. The puck broke his right fibula. Instead of staying down, Gregory got up and hobbled on one skate for the remaining penalty kill – roughly 40 seconds of live play. It’s amazing he was even able to stand back up, much less skate. But Gregory knew the stakes were highest and his team still needed his help, so somehow, he forced his body to keep fighting despite the broken leg.

Gregory has mental toughness you just don’t see very often. He was able to block out the pain and hold on long enough until he could get to the sidelines and out of the live action. Do you have that same tenacity that no matter what happens, you’ll push through the pain as long as needs be? When life decides to dump pain all over you, will you hold on? Franklin Roosevelt once said, “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” Here’s what I tweeted a friend who that quote hit close to home:

@saiken000 fight like hell and if necessary, bite the rope & hang on by your teeth

— Jake Thompson (@Jake_T4) June 6, 2013

Somehow, someway, you have to hold on. Life is absolutely worth competing for. It takes toughness to get through everything that we overcome – and we must get through it. Those that choose to compete every day do not give up – they find a way to keep going. Tie a knot, hold tight, hell, use your teeth if necessary, but continue to compete.

Find the toughness inside of you.

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