A Little Luck

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Sometimes, luck is just what you need to get a foot in the door. But luck won’t get you the win, the goal, or lasting success. You have to compete for that.

Matt Brown, former Temple running back, is finally getting his shot at the NFL thanks to dumb luck & a mix-up with his passport. After planning to fly to Canada to sign with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Matt was unable to board his flight after finding out his passport had expired. While trying to get a new passport, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers called his agent and signed the free agent running back.

Thanks to a little dumb luck, Matt Brown gets his shot at the NFL. But that won’t keep him there. The 5’5 running back and no. 2 all-time all-purpose yard leader in school history is ready to prove he is good enough for the NFL.

Just because a lucky break gets you the interview, the first date, the competition spot, doesn’t guarantee jack squat. You better come ready to compete – or that lucky break will end up as a wasted opportunity.

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