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It’s amazing what the human body can do when the mission is about something bigger than self-fame. Janet Shepard pushed the limits of running when she ran ten marathons in ten days to support the children of the Brathay Trust nonprofit. Not only did she run 26.2 miles every day for a week and a half, she became the fastest 55-year-old woman to complete the course. Janet heard about the race and saw it as an opportunity to push her own physical limits and raise money for a good cause. It was an easy decision.

Janet’s story lays the blueprint for each one of us in our own lives. We each have the opportunity to push our physical limits in a way that helps others or brings to light their struggle. Set new goals, crush them, and help others with awareness or fundraising – what’s so difficult about that?

Step outside of your comfort zone today and compete for something bigger.

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