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Casey Kammel was told he’d never walk again. A broken neck from a swimming accident left him in a hospital bed surrounded by doctors telling him that life as he knew it was over. But that was not an option for Casey Kammel.

He fought like hell through rehab and walked out of the hospital. On October 7, 1994. That same moment he realized that if he could walk out of the hospital, he could complete an Ironman. Casey set his sights on the Ironman in Kona. He trained with the same tenacity he went through rehab after his accident. In 2009, he had his chance to compete in an Ironman in Idaho. Poor conditions led to choppy waters and being a poor swimmer , Casey was only able to swim half of the required 2.4 miles. Devastated by the fact that he had to bow out of the race, Casey decided to finish the race. He left the waters and once was officially disqualified, hopped on his bike and rode, then ran the rest of the full Ironman. He was alone in the rain except for his wife who drove behind him the entire time.

He’s now part of the Kona Inspired series & one of the individuals being considered for placement in this year’s Ironman. Watch Casey’s full story here.

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