Anything Can Happen

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Sometimes all it takes is just a fraction of courage by you to inspire others into action.

Michael Johnson knew he wanted a better life for his son. The dad had just received his 12-year-old son’s Christmas list. It was full of electronics, toys, and more than he could ever hope to play with in a month. Michael decided to teach his son a lesson about helping others. The city of San Diego would be impacted more than he knew.

“Michael and his wife created the idea to help feed the homeless by making breakfast burritos” (Yahoo News). The family was joined by one of Michael’s son’s friends. Together, the four made 54 burritos and passed out to homeless individuals throughout San Diego.

According to Yahoo, that was “more than 130 Sundays and over 33,000 burritos ago.” One simple idea to teach his son the importance of helping others has quite literally transformed the San Diego community. They formalized this initiative under the newly created non-profit, Hunger2Help, and each Sunday, the “Burrito Boyz,” as they are known, set out to make and distribute up to 450 burritos around downtown San Diego.

“Anything can happen if you take the first step,” Michael told Yahoo.

Meditate on that sentence. Anything can happen if you act. One small step – and just look at the repercussions that can occur like they did with Michael and his family.

Quit waiting. Make it happen. Today could be yours.

Compete for it.

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