Nothing Stops the Determined

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The determined do not rely on excuses. They do not look for the shortcut or the easy way out. The determined are committed to seeing things through – to the very end, as long as it takes to get there. They know that the only way to their goal is with hard work and there is little time for much else.


Thomas Saenz didn’t make excuses – he found a way. The Navy lieutenant simultaneously commanded a top level security team in Kabul, Afghanistan while earning his master’s degree from University of Southern California. Thomas earned his entire college degree online while being deployed overseas – in a war zone. He’d wake at 5am every morning to live stream his classes before heading into work. He had two separate occasions where work attacks disrupted his attendance, but Thomas still found a way to get his work turned in. And he earned an “A” in the process.

No matter what, Thomas was going to earn his degree. He told that he was the second person in his extended family to earn an advanced degree.  He had to continue raising the bar for future generations.

Think back to your long awaited goal. Have you made excuses to why it won’t work? Excuses of why you can’t get it done? Simply put, that’s shit. If you wanted it, you’d find a way to make it happen.

Actions > Words. Go make it happen.

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