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He hasn’t been shy about stating his goals and after boldly proclaiming his mark for 2013, Adrian Peterson isn’t backing off of it either.

“I’ve got my bar set for 2,500. If I could go up to that, the record is shattered.” (ESPN)

Shattered is an understatement. Last season, fresh off of an ACL tear and total reconstructive knee surgery, Adrian left his doubters in the dust on his way to 2,097 yards rushing – 9 yards short of the all-time league record held by Eric Dickerson. Most “experts” assumed Adrian would be lucky to eclipse 1,500 yards after such a devastating leg injury the year before. Many athletes fail to ever regain the speed and power they had before an ACL tear, much less return stronger than pre-injury. But the talented Texas running back had bigger plans and an unshakeable faith.

“Without Him (God), doing this recovery, I had no chance – at all! No chance to do this on my own. He kept my mind at ease doing the rehab. Put this in God’s hand, have faith; that simple process, your principles that you have, having faith and believing.” (700 Club)

Adrian relied heavily on faith and God’s plan throughout the 2012 off-season. As he continued to run down Eric Dickerson’s rushing record, Adrian always deflected the praise from himself toward God and his teammates. It was because of them that he had a chance at NFL history. Now, as hard as it is to believe, Adrian Peterson will enter the 2013 season stronger than ever. Instead of relearning how to squat, run, and cut on grass post-surgery, Adrian is 100% and adding more power and speed to his game. If there ever was a man born to be a NFL running back, it is he.

This season, Adrian plans to run into NFL immortality as the NFL’s all-time single season rusher. He has boldly spoken his goals and is standing strong in his statement. Other running backs have come out saying they will out rush him. Critics think he is insane for throwing out an “impossible” mark of 2,500. But Adrian believes that all things are possible. This next NFL season he plans to prove it.

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