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“Whatever It Takes.” That is the motto Jessica Huse’s family has clung to and lived by since 2009. They set an example for what it means to compete every day for someone else when life is at stake. Always active in our community, Jessica’s life has inspired them to join together to compete for her.

Life changed unexpectedly for everyone August 2nd 2009 when on her way to church, 18-year-old Jessica was involved in a car wreck. She went into cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital, but was miraculously revived by the paramedics. Never one to back down from a challenge, this is the first of many moments that Jessica would compete for her life over the coming years.

Doctors warned Jessica’s family that the chances of their daughter ever waking was slim-to-none. It was recommended they move her into a special facility. Instead they chose to move her home and work every hour of every day with Jessica to bring her back. Since the accident, Jessica has lived in a semi-conscious state while recovering from her traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately after turning 21, the state of California informed the Huse family that they were cutting 80% of their medical support and a second time suggested Jessica be moved into a special facility. The community rallied on Jessica’s behalf and started fundraising in order to afford her ongoing medical treatments. Through 5K races, fundraiser nights, and a special “1 of 500 Campaign,” Jessica has remained at home and continues to advance in her progress. Today, she can respond to questions using yes/no buttons and her memories are returning.

Jessica is still miles from recovering, but she is miles from where she started. Her family refuses to give up on their daughter, and has adopted the motto of “Whatever It Takes” to return Jessica back to a healthy, happy life. The Huse family is a shining example that life is always worth fighting for.

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