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I’ve always been told that the Compete Every Day message hits home with individuals battling addiction. The struggle with drug or alcohol addiction is a daily one, an hourly one for many. Every morning the ache and longing for just one taste, one hit is overwhelming. Those battling addiction are in a daily competition for their life every day, for the rest of their life. It can be a living hell.

Major League Baseball pitcher Scott Proctor knows the hell of living life in a bottle. The seven-year professional almost lost his career and world around him when alcoholism took over his life. Scott’s last pitches in the MLB were with the New York Yankees back in 2006 and 2007, appearing as a relief pitcher. Poor eating and sleeping habits eventually led to binge drinking, which Scott says only “stopped when I ran out of booze or passed out.” He fell apart on and off the field, despite numerous friends and teammates stepping in to try and save him.

It wasn’t until Scott injured his throwing arm and underwent Tommy John surgery that he sobered up. He spent the last few years pitching in Korea, and after adding a new pitch to his repertoire, has returned to the U.S. for another go at the MLB with the San Francisco Giants. Through two starts this spring, Scott has allowed no hits and only one walk to eight batters. Sober and focused, Scott Proctor continues to compete every day to remain that way and revive his once promising pitching career.


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