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“People with disabilities like myself are often underestimated.” And people who underestimate those like Tiana Tozer will always eat their words.

Tiana Tozer’s life was forever changed in college when a drunk driver ran a stop sign and slammed into her car. Tiana was the only one in the car injured, but her legs were crushed. Tiana spent a month in ICU and endured 34 surgeries and four-plus years of rehab just trying to walk again. But Tiana would be forever bound to a wheelchair.

Tiana refused to let that accident define her. She picked up wheelchair basketball and became one of the sports’ all-time greats, winning four national championships, a silver medal at the Barcelona Paralympics, and a bronze medal in Atlanta (KATU.com). Again Tiana was not going to be defined as simply an “athlete,” so she committed herself to serving those in Sudan and Iraq as a humanitarian worker. Now, Tiana spends time sharing her story and inspiring others that with the right attitude and determination, all things are possible.

Tiana’s story provides a powerful example that the circumstances that happen to us do not define us. Too many times we give people and situations the power to determine our worth and identity, when in all actuality, they do not have the power to determine it. Define your identity, be secure in your worth, and never allow others’ doubts to hold you down.

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