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I can’t express how excited I have been to write today’s post. I told Jonathan months ago that he would be featured on the Compete blog in 2013 when success finally reached him. As is his humble nature, he shrugged and laughed the idea off. After the seven year battle, he didn’t want to get ahead of himself. As tired as he may have been from the journey, you could see still the fight in his eyes.

You see last week marked the transition of Jonathan’s journey from hoping to having. After receiving rejection letter year after year for the last seven, Jonathan finally received his acceptance and will start Dental School this upcoming August. While most students would pack their things up and switch careers after receiving their first or second rejection letter, Jonathan persevered. In fact, he heard “no” for seven years before finally getting that one “yes.” It’s inspiring to watch. He has spent the past six years not waiting on the acceptance, but working his damnedest so they could no longer say no. Taking extra night classes to improve his knowledge. Working manual labor jobs to pay bills and keep his finances afloat while he poured more time and money into his education. He knew he wanted to be a dentist, felt called to be a dentist, but things weren’t playing out as planned. But he continued forward, believing in his heart that his destiny lie down this road. Then finally, in what he says was his last year of attempting to make Dental School, Jonathan received his letter. Perseverance pays off.

It’s humbling when considering my own situation. At times I questioned the growth of projects or direction my life was headed. Was I going down the right path? Did I need to keep going or did I need to switch course?

Can you relate? Is your pursuit of a specific goal similar to this?

Impatience ate me alive. I was letting doubt creep in instead of following the example of Jonathan and continuing forward with my nose to the grind. Every business owner, dream catcher, winner, can relate to Jonathan’s story. They work, day after day, for years, for what seems like forever, before success reaches them. That goal – that elusive goal – is finally caught. But as Jonathan shows, persistence will pay off. Continue forward after that goal. Compete every day – every single hour if needs be. And whatever you do, do not ever give up. If Jonathan had given up after his fifth rejection letter, he’d never have gotten to this point and always wondered “what if.” Instead he chose to compete and pursue his goal relentlessly.

And that is why he succeeded. Compete every day friends.

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