My Story: Melia Barnum

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Today’s My Story features Melia Barnum and was submitted by her CrossFit coach, Patrick Thompsen.

Melia Barnum is not your typical CrossFit athlete.

Melia was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago at the age of 58. Determine to not let this diagnosis stop her life, Melia continued to train as much as she could for triathlons. Treatments would zap her energy but Melia still swam, rode, and ran weekly. She even swam the day after a chemotherapy infusion because Melia believed a strong body would help her physically beat cancer. It was the competition of her life for a woman with experience competing in 2 marathons, 5 half-marathons, 6 Alcatraz swims, 4 Ironman triathlons, 6 half-Ironmans, and multiple Olympic & sprint distance triathlons. Did we mention she’s also climbed Mt. Shasta?

Melia soon discovered CrossFit and that competitive fire she’d always channeled into triathlons was soon redirected into this new sport. She put in long, hard hours learning each movement and perfecting her technique. She wanted to be flawless in her movements. This past November, at the age of 60, Melia competing in her first CrossFit competition. Without fault, she completed 45lb Single Arm dumbell snatches & chest-to-bar pullups. Incredible for someone twice my own age.

As the entire CrossFit community prepares for this week’s Open, Melia is focused on crushing the workouts. She has set personal goals and plans to not only surpass her position last year, but also remember to have fun doing each and every workout with her CrossFit community. This might even be the month she gets that long-awaited first muscle up.

Melia chooses to compete every day because her life is worth competing for. She has beaten cancer, the toughest battle in her life, so why stress over a CrossFit workout? There is no limit to what she is capable of and determined at the age of 60, to continue to get better.

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