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When your biggest battles in life are for your very life, the battles you face in your career seem tiny in comparison. Chris Wright knows the importance of his journey. The Dallas Mavericks point guard is the first player in NBA history to play with multiple sclerosis. But an initial “your career is over” diagnosis isn’t keeping Chris from pursuing his dream of a lifelong career in the NBA.

After going undrafted in the 2011 NBA Draft, Chris took his game to Turkey to better hone his skills for a second shot at the NBA. It was there that the young player started experiencing pain and numbness in his hand, feet, and legs. Doctors finally concluded that Chris had MS and that his basketball career was over. Chris felt otherwise. After beginning his treatment for MS, Chris returned to basketball in time for the NBA’s Developmental League. Scouts are enamored with the young man’s on-court talents and off-the-court determination to overcome anything life puts in his way. After spending the season in the D-League, Chris made NBA history when the Dallas Mavericks called him up after cutting another player. Chris is on a limited contract – a 10-day deal with the team – and is determined to make the most of his time at the top level.

Chris understands his role as an inspiration to others in a similar battle. He’s doing whatever he can to continue playing and keep MS in remission. For now, the Maverick is bucking past trends and proving there is life beyond MS.

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