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So excuse “A” is the reason you’re not going to try? Is that the lie you’re going to tell yourself? Let’s be honest, truly honest with ourselves. We’ve all done that from time to time.

“I’m too old.”

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I wasn’t born with that talent.”

Boo-hoo. Time for some tough love. We all have challenges in our way. Each one of us was born into a position that puts us at an advantage/disadvantage when compared to others. That’s life. Few choose make the conscious effort to rise above current circumstances. Few choose to compete regardless of their situation. Taylor Greer is one of those few. You would assume that losing one’s hearing ability would incredibly limit their career in the musical arts. It hasn’t for this young woman. Born with a hearing impairment, Taylor Greer is for intents and purposes, deaf. But that has not kept her from achieving a celebrated career in dance.

Taylor was born hearing impaired. Her parents started her in deaf school and at a very young age, she was taught to sign ASL. As she grew older, and her speech & verbal skills improved, her parents moved her back into “normal” schools. Taylor chose from that moment forward to “stay with the hearing and not go back to the school for deaf.” Hearing aids were used to give some assistance to Taylor until she was in the sixth grade, but at that point, she lost all hearing and the aids were useless.

Taylor started dancing around three years old. She watched her mother and older sister dance and found a passion for the art. Despite being hearing impaired, Taylor learned to rely on the bass and vibrations in both the walls and floor while doing routines in order to maintain or rhythm. While most dancers rely on the music, Taylor would repeatedly learn from what she felt in her surroundings. Amazing.

Taylor continues to dance despite a disability that many assume would never allow her to do so. She is currently working toward her degree at Chapman University and hopes continue dancing after graduating while working on a future Master’s in Dance. Her goal? To teach dance at the collegiate level and one day open and operate her own dance studio. Continue to compete toward your dreams Taylor. The fact that you’ve not let your hearing impairment keep you from dancing is truly amazing.

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