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People from all over the world flocked t New Orleans last week for Super Bowl 47. Some come for business reasons, some come to support their favorite NFL franchise, and some come just for the party. Derrick Boles is one of those few who arrived in New Orleans on a mission larger than any party or selfish gain. The former professional basketball player spent sixty days traveling from San Diego to New Orleans, 1892 miles in all, on an ElliptiGo cycle to challenge his fellow Americans to “Stand Up.”

Derrick started Stand Up America seven months ago “to help small nonprofits raise funds and network with each other.” He is passionate about standing up against health issues, apathy, and a terrible mental attitude of many Americans.

“In 2011, after learning that I had a blood vessel burst in my brain which bled out of my nose, my life was spared. Now I battle to stay alive, conquering the other chronic illnesses I shared that affect my health (heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure). I am not an endurance athlete nor am I an extreme thrill seeker. I’m just supporting and promoting the underdog.” (Stand-Up America)

Derrick started Stand Up America to help people come together. He sees many people living life “on the sidelines” and feels it’s his mission to get them “in the game.” If he can help fundraisers connect and share information and resources, they can then in turn help change lives and impact our communities for the better. Derrick is competing for much more than himself & he’s on a mission inspire others to stand with him.

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