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Many assume beauty comes without depth. Others make the mistake of believing that fighters are simply rough and harsh. There’s no such thing as one who can walk the lines of both in today’s world of harsh physical standards. Lies run rampant in these stereotypes because there is great beauty in strength.

The latest Dr. Pepper soft drink commercial starts off with the monologue, “Millions of girls are told they’re pretty, but not as many would volunteer to put her face in front of someone who wants to punch it. That’s what makes her one of a kind.” Indeed, Mikaela Mayer is one of a kind. The beautiful young woman is also one of the best up-and-coming boxers in the world.

The model-turned-USA Olympic boxer breaks all kinds of stereotypes in her quest for gold. Mikaela describes her high school career as one going in the wrong direction until she found boxing. The sport allowed her to focus, set goals, and lay a strong foundation for her future. She entered the 2012 London Olympics as the favorite to win a spot on the US Women’s boxing team, but failed to make the squad. Now the 2012 AIBA World Championships Bronze Medalist and #1 AIBA ranked boxer in the world is focused on the 2016 Olympics. She will use the setbacks of 2012 to fuel her drive toward goal in 3.5 more years.

“Setbacks provide the fuel needed to reach your greatest successes.”

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