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“Everything meaningful in life was not meant to be comfortable. Life, work, love, faith, friendships – they’re all created to be exciting adventures.”

Kevin Connolly is not the “Entourage guy: so many people confuse him with. Kevin is an adventurer, a competitor, and an inspiration to all those who believe in overcoming limits. Kevin Connolly believes that life was created to be an adventure. The star of the Travel Channel’s show “Armed & Ready” takes on challenges and thrills that most of us would shy away from. Have you done any of the following?

  • X-Games skiing (Silver Medalist)
  • Global traveler & photographer
  • Jousting
  • Tree Climbing
  • Rafting

By the way, Kevin was born without his legs. What was your excuse to the list above again?

Doctors don’t know what caused Kevin to be born without his legs, but the missing legs haven’t slowed down this young man from competing for life. He grew up in Montana floating rivers and climbing mountains then at 10, started skiing using a “monoski.” It was then in 2007 that he won silver the January X-Games. Kevin’s experienced broken bones and injuries but continues to press forward. He traveled the world on his skateboard as a college student and developed his passion for photography. He’s now known worldwide for his photography skills & has a talent for capturing amazing stories through film.

Now a star on the Travel Channel, Kevin weekly tackles surfing, diving, jousting, and even cliff diving. Kevin’s entire life is a playbook on seizing every day and making the most of the one opportunity we’re given on earth. He’s met obstacles head on and despite being born without legs, continues to find a way to reach his goals. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you compete every day. Keep inspiring others, Kevin.


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