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Do you believe in limits? Do you place yourself in a box that “reality” has placed around you? Do excuses come natural when an opportunity arises? For most of us, excuses become a habit of avoiding taking chances. We would rather walk away than fail in an efforts reach success. But for a few brave souls, there are no such things as limits. Take Jessica Cox for example.

Jessica does not believe in limits. The 29-year-old has defied all odds in her lifetime. Born without arms, Jessica has learned to do everything with her feet. Putting in contact lenses, driving a car, and signing her name – all tasks Jessica can do with her feet. The most impressive of all accomplishments came in 2008 when she received her pilot’s license, becoming the first armless person in the world to do so.

Jessica’s daily life is full of obstacles but instead of dwelling on the obstacle or turning the other direction, she chooses to face it head on – and conquer it. Jessica chooses to compete and find a way past it. It’s an amazing attitude for a woman who chooses to push past the limits others perceive.

“Whenever I’m confronted with an obstacle in life, I’m pretty determined about overcoming it. I’m persistent. You use whatever challenge or hardship it is as an opportunity – to either learn more or to help others.

“It’s easy to see ourselves as the victim. Instead I choose to see myself as the empowered one,” Jessica said.

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