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Those in the triathlete world know the name Janelle Morrison. The 36-year-old athlete was one of the sports brightest spots back in 2010. She had placed first in her age group at Ironman Canada in 2008 and in 2009 had quit her “day job” teaching to become a full-time triathlete. She consistently stuck top-ten finishes until November 21, 2010. That date will forever mark Janelle’s life. That was the date Janelle almost died.

Janelle was in an awful car accident and nearly died. She broken almost every major bone in her body and organs pushed through her chest. Paramedics on the scene took nearly three hours to remove her from the car and doctors had to put her into a medically induced coma. It was questionable whether Janelle would live, much less ever walk again. Two weeks after she woke up from her coma, Janelle began telling everyone she was coming back. Despite doctors telling her that her competitive career was over, Janelle chose to prove them wrong.

Three months later Janelle was walking without crutches and developed a slow run just one month after that. The most unbelievable part? Janelle returned to triathlon training just seven months into her recovery from her ruptured diaphragm, punctured lung, 11 screws in her tibia, rod in her femur, and plate in her arm. Against all odds Janelle returned to racing in late 2012, completing three triathlons and finishing third in her first full Ironman event since the accident. When doctors said was 99% impossible, Janelle believed that 1% could be completed. Look for bigger things from this inspirational athlete in 2013.

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