Greg Oden’s Final Opportunity

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The former number one overall pick came into the NBA with the highest of expectations. In 2007, the Portland Trailblazers and Oklahoma City Thunder were torn between both Ohio State’s 7’0 center Greg Oden and Texas’ dynamic 6’9 swingman Kevin Durant. It seemed like a win-win for either team – dominant paint player or unstoppable scorer. Portland ended up choosing Greg Oden to build their franchise around. Unfortunately, that foundation was made of glass and not rock.

Despite being a goliath of a man, Greg Oden’s entire NBA career has been plagued by injury. He underwent microfracture surgery his first year in the NBA and struggled the next four seasons to stay healthy long enough to develop any type of rhythm. Greg has spent this entire season sitting out of basketball entirely to focus on rehab in an attempt to play his first entire season in 2013-2014.

Word broke today that Cleveland Cavaliers were set to offer and sign Greg to a two-year deal by end of this month. Many teams had expressed interest in the center but none have gone to the extent to make a formal offer. This move would pair Greg with one of the NBA’s brightest young star, point guard Kyrie Irving, and could revitalize his career. No longer would critics look at Kevin Durant’s meteoric rise then turn to describe Greg as a “bust.” No longer would the pressure and cloud of failure weigh over Greg’s head. One great season could kick start his career in the right direction.

It’s a subtle reminder that no matter how things go from the beginning, you still have the opportunity to write your own legacy. Injuries happen. Setbacks will occur. Use the disappointments to propel you forward in life. It creates the “chip” you need to push past the status quo and into greatness.

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