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If you don’t know Zach Even-Esh, prepare to have your world rocked. The man has set high expectations and if you aren’t ready to step up to his level of commitment and dedication, you’ll simply be left behind. Zach has built a power in Underground Strength Coach and is transforming lives daily – but only those willing to put in the effort. There is no shortcut to success in this gym. You do work – lots of grueling, painful work – and you will receive the results you desire. Despite him sharing he’s not out to “change the world,” you can’t help but see that he is – one person at a time. Every day he pours life into boys, helping to mold them into young men ready to take on the world.

Below in this exclusive video for Compete Every Day, Zach shares his thoughts on why it is important to compete every single day and to keep grinding. Every one is busy – but those who are successful are always ready to take advantage of available opportunities.

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    Jake Thompson is the Chief Encouragement Officer for Compete Every Day. Before launching the motivational lifestyle brand, Jake served as a consultant, writer, and social media enthusiast to a number of companies in a variety of industries.