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You don’t need to run a 4.3 40-yard-dash or deadlift 600lbs to do some incredible things. It simply takes a focus on your goal, a passion to compete no matter what, and a willingness to give it your all every single day. Your dreams can become accomplishments if you truly want to reach them. Take Army Staff Sgt. Colton Smith, the newest member of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Colton survived two tours in Iraq and became an Army Ranger before pursuing his dream career in mixed martial arts. And it was a far from easy pursuit of his dream career. Colton skipped service leave for two years, saving up all of his days off to try out for the UFC’s reality television show The Ultimate Fighter’s fifteen season. He didn’t make the cut. So Colton continued to train, never giving up his dream of competing at the sport’s highest level. Colton eventually made the cut for the show’s sixteenth season and as the show’s underdog, defeated favorite after favorite until there was no one left standing.

Colton dominated Mike Ricci in the show’s finale, earning an official six-figure UFC contract. Colton plans to fight but still has duty owed to his country – 16 months remain on his current enlistment. He is now working to best balance responsibilities to both country and the Octagon, while not cutting either short.

How does someone handle the pressures of war, a family (Colton is married with two children), and learning to fight at a professional level without breaking both physically and mentally? “Faith. Becoming a MMA fighter was a God-birthed dream. I think we all have a God-birthed dream inside of us, and it’s our duty to seek the will of God out and follow what he’s set before you,” Colton told Army Times.

Congrats Colton – and hat tip for never giving up on your dreams. You serve as a perfect example that if you keep the faith and continue to compete every day, any dream is attainable.

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