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“I think everybody should know that everything happens for a reason, and that there is always a way to overcome an obstacle if you really want it enough.”

It’s almost human nature to make excuses for missed opportunities and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. I do it. You do it. We encounter something and most times simply turn around and walk away, saying to ourselves and others that things didn’t work out for reason “x.”  We tell ourselves that excuse – that lie­ – over and over again until we believe it. But deep down, we never do. The lie eats at us our entire life because we know, we made an excuse. We know we chose not to compete when we could have. It’s a fate too many people are resigned to live with.

Then there are those like Tommy Carroll, who know nothing about excuses and all about seizing opportunities.

Tommy Carroll has been skateboarding since he was ten years old. You watch him ride and it’s effortless. Tommy glides across the concrete ocean, seamlessly operating his ride. He defies gravity on his board, tackling obstacles most would be too intimidated to attempt. He falls over and over, but continues to get back up. Crash and burn, rise again. Scrapes and bruises mark Tommy’s body but his determination to skate remains undeterred. Even more incredible is the fact that Tommy has spent all but two years of his life blind.

Tommy was born with cancer of the retinal, rendering the young man blind since the age of two. Despite never seeing the board he rides or the park he rides throughout, Tommy skates with a passion for the sport unmatched by most. Big tricks do not scare Tommy. They are simply obstacles Tommy chooses to overcome because as he puts it, he wants it badly enough. His desired goal is larger than the fear of falling.

What’s your excuse today to keep you from competing?

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