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Stuart Scott, the famous ESPN reporter, is again forced to compete for his life against the ills of cancer. The scary reality that he could die hit Scott when he learned last month that cancer had returned for the third time in his life after being diagnosed in 2007 and a reoccurrence in 2010. But don’t expect this man to lay down without a fight.

“I’ve got to be around for [my daughters],” Scott told USA Today. “I’m not courageous, I’m scared. But I’ve got to be around for them.”

Instead of wallowing in pity, Scott has his gameplan and is attacking the disease. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy every other Monday and despite being drained of energy, immediately goes to workout after treatment sessions. Scott shared that it is his mental and physical way of “standing up to cancer.” The physical activity aids to Scott’s mental strength as he competes for his life – all the while motivating and inspiring other cancer patients with his drive and willingness to fight cancer.

Our thoughts & prayers are with Scott during his battle. We wish him nothing for the best and know that he will continue to stand strong and inspire throughout the entire process.

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