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Every one of us will face adversity in our lives. We will have our hearts broken and we will fall short of a goal that we relentlessly pursued. For most, the story ends there as they walk away and decide to give up. But for those who choose to compete every day, that pain and heartbreak is channeled into the fire that is ultimately needed to reach victory.

Kaillie Humphries was devastated in 2006 when she wasn’t chosen to compete in the Torino Olympics with the Canadian women’s bobsled team. Everything she had trained for was lost before she ever had a chance to represent her country. But instead of choosing to quit bobsledding and leave that sour taste in her mouth, Kaillie decided to change her attitude and position. Kaillie switched from brakewoman and started training to be a bobsled pilot.

“[Not racing in Torino] made Kaillie so determined that she would do anything in her power to make it happen this time,” said Stephan Bosch, Kaillie’s pilot coach.

Kaillie found power beyond what she thought possible. The position change has resulted in major success for Canadian bobsledding. Four years after crying tears of sadness in Torino for being cut from the team before the Olympic run, Kaillie celebrated atop of the podium, winning the gold at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Now, two years later, she is driving the fastest sled in the world. She followed that up with six wins in seven total races this year, including last week’s victory at the bobsled World Cup.

“Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.” – John Wooden 

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