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Heather Knies is your typical American mother. At 32, Heather is mom to 7-month-old Zoe and wife to Joe. But what you can’t see is Heather’s unbreakable spirit. She embodies the compete every day spirit with a passion for her life.

You see, Heather has faced brain tumors twice. One of them is the same type that killed Senator Edward Kennedy just two years ago. Doctors gave her a death sentence eight years ago. No matter how many times they removed the malignant tumor, it was expected to reappear time and again. Doctors even told the then-24-years-old Heather to leave the chemotherapy treatments and “go live your life.” The stage 4 gliobastoma tumor was touching three parts of her brain, so doctors were instructed to only take out part of the tumor and give Heather roughly six more months of quality life.

“For whatever reason, because of being an athlete or just being mad, I wanted to defy him and the medical world and show that no one is a statistic,” Heather told ABC News. “I was immediately defiant. I never once thought it would be the death of me.”

In other words, Heather chose to compete every day for her life no matter the odds she was up against.

And compete she did. Thanks to intense chemotherapy treatments and the love and support of her family and husband Joe, she is cancer-free. Not only did she survive a terminal diagnosis, but she is completely cancer free and mother of a seven-month-old baby girl. Doctors call her recovery nothing short of “remarkable.”

Never doubt what faith + competing every day can do.

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