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Destroy + Dominate. 

All of the barriers, opponents, obstacles, & adversities that oppose your progress. Those who compete every day choose to compete no matter what stands in their way, no matter how big the odds against them. Anything and everything will eventually fall away with persistence and hustle. Destroy + Dominate = DESTROMINATE. Overtake that which tries to stop you.

Let nothing stand in your way.

Introducing the Compete Every Day DESTROMINATE shirt & tank in black with a special dark grey/black printing. Each item features a front competitor symbol print, side “DESTROMINATE” print, and the classic circle Compete logo on the back. Available on a special light-weight poly-cotton athletic shirt and burnout tanktop.

This shirt is only available through our Legendary or Seasonal Programs, or through preorder.

Available as a pre-order only. Will ship March 1. Order yours now!

Dest-Tank-Back Dest-Tank-Front Destrom-Back Destrom-Front des-symdest-sym1



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    Jake Thompson is the Chief Encouragement Officer for Compete Every Day. Before launching the motivational lifestyle brand, Jake served as a consultant, writer, and social media enthusiast to a number of companies in a variety of industries.