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You’re never too old to do something incredible. Two weeks ago, 76-year-old Libby James broke the world record for a half-marathon by women ages 75-79. The woman, who is just under twice the age of many of our readers, ran a 1:45:56 half marathon. I ran my first half marathon back in December and barely squeaked under two hours (1:59:54) and this woman is more than double my age and whooped my time by fourteen minutes. Incredible.

A Colorado native, Libby is known for setting an incredible pace during a race. She set previous national records for a 5K (23:30) in both 70-74 and 75-79 age groups and ran a 10-miler in 1:19:22 in 2011. Running Times named her their Master Runner of the Year in 2011 after she rewrote record books.

“The older I get, the easier it has become for me to rack up some records. I love the way running makes me feel. The people I meet. The chances to travel. Most of all I love it that my four kids and twelve grandkids all understand that running is part of life, something you just do,Libby wrote.

Young or old, it doesn’t matter if you choose to compete. If Libby can set race records at 76, what’s your excuse for not shattering a few barriers at 25? At 35? Or at 50?  Make 2013 count. Compete.

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