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Bigger. Stronger. Faster. Two hands. Zach Hodskins doesn’t really care. The junior guard at Milton High School in Georgia is playing some of the best basketball in the state – with one hand. Physical limitations? Yea, to hell with that.

Zach was born without his left arm below the elbow but he still planned to compete in sports from an early age. Zach altered his approach due to his physical limitations, but still played sports from an early age. While you would expect him to stick with soccer, Zach chose to do what he loved and played baseball, basketball, and surfed –all sports where using your hands is necessary. Many doubted, but Zach found a way to excel. The older he got, the more he focused on basketball. Now, he is a high school star, dribbling around and by his athletic, two-handed opponents.

Zach is a better ball handler than most high school opponents he faces and he is deadly from three-point range. He chooses to overcome the physical limitations he was born with, focusing on the here and now instead of what he “can’t” do. It’s a winner’s mindset that few fully-abled individuals have. We dwell on what we can’t do, we make excuses for ourselves, and we can’t get out of our own way.

Why don’t we focus on what we can do instead? Why don’t we choose to focus on the here and now – forget what we fall short on – and compete. Compete for what we love, where we want to be, and who we desire to become. Compete for our damn lives instead of making excuses for why we can’t.

“If you feel down in life, if anything is holding you back, don’t let it. Go out there and do your thing. Follow your dream,” Zach said.

In other words, compete.

Check out Zach’s highlight video. So what again is your excuse?

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