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Scott and Julie Wells have been through a roller coaster of emotions the last ten years. Professionally, Scott went from seventh-round NFL Draft pick to being cut and on the street, to starting for the Green Bay Packers and center for future Hall of Famer Brett Favre. Julie had suffered complications during the birth of two of their children – twin boys – and both had died shortly after delivery. Joy came the following year when the couple adopted Lola, and a year after that, a boy named Kingston.

Three children in all, the Wells had a rowdy house of five. But the couple desired to give more homes to children in need. After researching a number of options, Scott and Julie looked to the country of Uganda, a poor region full of disease and corruption. The orphaned children in Uganda were in bad shape and many would never be adopted. It was going to be a long, hard road, but the couple were committed to each other and to growing their family. The adoption of two children turned to three when the Wells learned one of the boys had a young sister.

“By this point,” Scott told, “what’s the difference between five kids or six?”

The couple had a passion for adoption and felt God was leading them this direction. So away they went to Uganda. The process took longer than expected. After four weeks, Scott had to return to the States for training camp with the St. Louis Rams. Julie chose to stay and get visas for the three children they now had custody over.

Six weeks after that, Julie arrived in Nashville, Tennessee with the three new Wells’ children to see Scott and the St. Louis Rams play against the Tennessee Titans. It’s a testament to a couple’s commitment to each other and caring for children born to others. Despite the chaos of a NFL career, parenting six kids, and growing their marriage, Scott and Julie Wells set a powerful example of parenting and leadership in the home.

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