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There’s always a way out if you choose to compete every day.

These days Sam Worthington is a household name. His starring roles in Avatar, Clash of the Titans, and Wrath of the Titans, catapulted Sam from no-name to Hollywood mega-star. “Overnight success” is what Hollywood was splashing everywhere next to his name, but those in the know knew that Sam had busted his butt for years, battling adversity over and over to get to this spot.

Growing up in Australia, Sam started out as a teenage brick layer before spending nine years acting in various Australian films and TV shows. He fought to find consistent work. Every day was a battle. At one point, Sam was down to his last $2,000, which he used to buy a car and live in. Before landing the leading role in one of Hollywood’s biggest movies ever, Sam was facing rejection in movies. He was one of the final three options for James Bond before losing out to current 007, Daniel Craig. Sam kept pressing forward but couldn’t seem to catch a break.

Everything changed when James Cameron spotted Sam and called him back to play the leading role in his science-fiction blockster. It was the role of a lifetime – and one that forever changed Sam’s lifetime.

His key to success? “A shitload of hardwork. It wasn’t as if I woke up one day and was doing movies,” he told Men’s Health.

Adversity will strike us continually. We must press forward. We must compete. We must keep fighting, clawing, crawling every day until success finally breaks. We never know how close we are so we can never give up.

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