A Legendary Push


To the Compete community, last week one of our fellow competitors contacted us about ordering one of the limited Legendary Programs. He wanted to know if we still had any of the 1,001 available. Fortunately for Eric, we did.

Here’s the beautiful part – Eric wasn’t calling to buy one for himself. In fact, he already had already committed to the year round program on the day of its launch. Eric contacted us to purchase one for another potential member of the Compete community, whether they knew about us or not.

Our team loved Eric’s passion to pay it forward, the idea resonated with our team so here’s what’s coming to you the Compete community:

We want you to submit nominations of who you feel would best benefit from receiving a free membership to the Legendary Program ($299) to PR@CompeteEveryDay.com. Consider someone who might:
·      Need encouragement for the struggles they are currently facing
·      Be preparing for a difficult journey ahead in 2013
·      Inspire you with their life’s journey.

We want to hear from YOU. We’ll review the stories, sharing each with the community. We will then select a winner to receive a membership into the Legendary Program. There are only have a small number of spots remaining n the program so this will be a great opportunity to ignite someone’s internal fire with our Compete Every Day message.

Are you ready? Submit your nominee! Deadline is December 13, 2012

A special THANK YOU to Eric Jacobson (@EricJacobson5k) for his desire in helping spread the Compete Every Day message to a complete stranger this holiday season. Check out Eric’s leadership & management blog at EricJacobsonBlog.com.

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    Jake Thompson is the Chief Encouragement Officer for Compete Every Day. Before launching the motivational lifestyle brand, Jake served as a consultant, writer, and social media enthusiast to a number of companies in a variety of industries.