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Everyone in College Station knows the J-Train. Originally from deep east Texas, Jorvorskie Lane was a brusing beast of a running back during his career at Texas A&M. Countless Big 12 defenders ended up on the wrong side of Jorvorskie’s highlight tape after he chose to run them over instead of around them. He was Aggieland’s second coming of Ja’mar Toombs.

A promising college career never made it to the NFL after Jorvorskie’s weight swelled during his senior year to nearly 300 pounds and he went undrafted and unsigned after the 2009 NFL Draft. A brief stint with the Indoor Football League ended before it really got started and Jorvorskie’s self-esteem dropped. At the age of 25, Jorvorskie weighed over 300 pounds. His dream of a professional career seemed a distant memory.

A conversation with himself in the mirror one night changed everything.

“I just asked myself, ‘Is this really what I want to do?'” Lane said. “I just decided that I really wanted [to play again], and once I made up my mind, things changed. Making the decision was hard. But once I made up my mind, it was easy. I put everything aside; I put my friends on hold. I put a lot of things on hold to get where I wanted to be.”

Jorvorskie knew if he wanted to play professionally that all distractions must go by the way side. He had to compete every day against himself to get back in shape. Using his wife’s support and other’s doubts as fuel, Jorvorskie’s fire burned brighter than it ever had. He dropped down to 270 pounds and reached out to his former head coach Mike Sherman, the new offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins took a chance on Jorvorskie and he hasn’t looked back. He emerged as the team’s starting running back and a bulldozer for a team built on a solid running game. It’s a dream come true for the man who realized his dream was worth competing for and finally decided to give it his all to get there. Jorvorskie proves that no matter how far away from your dreams you allow yourself to get, there’s always the opportunity to turn back if you choose to compete every day.

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