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Compete Every Day highlighted the dangers of the growing obesity rate in children back in May when we shared the work that Louie’s Kids was doing to change the negative trend. It’s scary that diabetes and hyper-tension are rapidly increasing in our youth and are more prevalent today than ever before in children. In fact, “one in four overweight children is already showing early signs of type II diabetes.” At nine years old, Breanna Bond was headed toward the same health issues. She was 186 years pounds and struggling with basic childhood activities like playing because she couldn’t breathe. Breanna’s parents refused to give up on their daughter. They would compete for her until she was ready to compete for herself.

The Bonds knew worried about their daughter from a young age. She was 100 pounds in kindergarten and health issues were starting to enter the picture. They had her tested for diabetes and checked out her thyroid, but everything came back normal. Brianna was just a big girl. As her parents watched her struggle to play with others and became the target of bullies, they knew they had to help their daughter save her own life.  So each day Dan and Heidi Bond took their daughter for a walk on the 4-mile trail near their house. They walked every single day – even during rain, hail, and fog – no excuses. Brianna slowly started to lose weight. In under a year, she had dropped 66 pounds.

“It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,” Heidi told Good Morning America. “There were times where she refused to move but the tough love to save the rest of her life was worth it.”

Breanna began to take initiative herself with the process. Her parents helped her change up her eating habits and Breanna began to use the family’s home treadmill over an hour each day. She can finally start playing team sports like basketball and enjoy activities of the like with her friends. Breanna currently is down to 121 pounds. She told GMA that whenever she feels tired her mom motivates her to keep going. It’s an incredible testament to the Bonds – parents who knew they had to save their daughter’s life now.

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