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John Coyne stared down the storm for the sake of all those who had no choice by to stay. Hurricane Sandy was as bad as predictions, devastating the entire northeast in its path in late October. Thousands evacuated the region but many more couldn’t afford to. Many living at The Osborne on 205 West 57 Street in New York City were unable to leave their residence despite it being in the path of the storm.

John Coyne chose to compete for all those living at The Osborne.

John initially planned to stay with friends at Central Park South, but chose to sneak back into the building with a ladder. John “knew people remained in the building without heat or hot water” so he planned to reset the boiler. Instead of leaving his residents to fend for themselves, John took his role as building manager to a new level.

“It’s my home, my charge, I care about her,” John told The Huffington Post.

Despite warnings of potential break-ins or gas pipe explosions, John stayed throughout the storm. He tended to those in the building who couldn’t leave, pets who were left behind, and the building itself. In fact, he did most of it secretly. John waited multiple days before even notifying residents he was still in the building, choosing instead to help from behind the scenes. John saw the opportunity to compete for his neighbors and community in a time of serious need. Salute to you John for choosing others over your own well-being.

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