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Sometimes the strongest fighters are those who press forward, oblivious to the magnitude of what they are fighting against. Brennan Simkins is only 10 years old, but his determination to live a long, healthy life is something that even the strongest of competitors can learn from.

Four years ago, Brennan was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), a very severe form of the cancer. Brennan was given a bone-marrow transplant to fight the cancer, but suffered a relapse only three months later. “Experts” told Brennan’s parents to take him to a hospice and live out his final days without the drugs or tubes in his body. Brennan and his parents rejected that proposal, believing he could fight the cancer off.

“I didn’t want to die,” Brennan said, and set his mind to competing for his life with all he had.

Thanks to the help of St. Jude’s hospital, Brennan continued to fight AML. Brennan went to bed every night afraid he may not wake the next morning, but he wasn’t ready to give up. Giving up wasn’t an option. In total, Brennan had four bone marrow transplants. And survive he has.

Brennan’s cancer has been in remission for ten months now. The young boy continues to compete for his life and regain full strength. His passion has shifted toward growing up and starting a career in the medical field – helping others compete for life the same way he did.

For more on Brennan’s inspirational story, view the video below that The Today Show aired last week.

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