Angel Soto | No Regrets


Angel Soto witnessed a car crash two weeks ago in Boynton Beach, Florida. It was a vicious collision so without a moment’s hesitation, Angel pulled over his car and raced to the seen to help one of the victims. That’s when tragedy struck.

Another vehicle driving through crashed right into the scene, hitting Angel and pinning the 36-year-old father of four against a truck from the initial wreck. It was “a horrible situation” described Alexander Proscurshim, the first crash’s victim that Angel had tried to help. The accident severed Angel’s right leg and he will need to learn to walk now using a prosthetic. When asked about the accident, Angel didn’t hesitate to respond that he would do it all over again. He shared that the car that hit him would have most likely killed Proscurshim, so for Angel, losing a leg was worth saving another man’s life.

It’s an incredible act of heroism for a man who in the moment of crisis, sprung into action and didn’t think twice about it. Despite the sacrifice of his leg and the new life he must lead, Angel was willing to risk it all for a stranger. Competing for another’s life ahead of own selfish gain. Hat tip to you.

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