Stephan Bonnar | Not Intimidated

Stephan Bonnar | Shot at the Champ

Every contender wants their shot at the champion. That one opportunity to see if you can defeat the “undefeatable” and go toe-to-toe with your sport’s best. For Stephan Bonnar, that opportunity finally comes Saturday night against arguably the greatest UFC fighter of all time, Anderson Silva.

Stephan wasn’t even supposed to be in this fight, but injuries to Jose Aldo and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson changed the fight card for the night and gave Stephan the chance to grab the title – or to fall in line with many other competitors Silva has destroyed inside the Octagon. Nicknamed “The American Psycho,” you know Stephan is hell-bent on ensuring is the former, not the latter.

The crazy part was, Stephan was retired and not planning to step into the octagon another time. A phone call from the UFC inquiring if he was interested in a shot at Silva changed all of that and put Stephan back into training mode.

Stephan’s career burst onto the scene during the first season of the UFC’s reality show, The Ultimate Fighter, where he finished second to UFC star Forrest Griffin. He gets another shot at international headlines as Silva steps up to the higher light heavyweight division to take on Stephan.

It’s a fight Stephan has been longing for. He has gone retirement to international spotlight in the blink of an eye. Stephan is anything but intimidated, despite the odds being heavily stacked against him.

“I don’t care. I feel great about this. There’s no pressure on me. I’m fighting the pound-for-pound best guy in his backyard, but I’m a record-setting underdog.”


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