Larry Fitzgerald | Honoring a Mother’s Lost Battle


He is hands-down one of the best players in the National Football League. Look at his football career and you can define it with: all-star, passionate, leader, and loyal. Larry Fitzgerald could be playing football anywhere in the NFL he wants but has chosen to stay committed to the Arizona Cardinals, the team that drafted him. He could be like most other Pro Bowl wide receivers – loud, brash, prima-donnas. Instead, he is quiet, always encourages his teammates, and leads with his work-ethic, not his mouth.

Now Larry Fitzgerald is fighting a battle for his mother Carol who passed away in 2003 after a five-year bout with breast cancer. Like many NFL players this month who are wearing pink, Larry has taken his actions to another level in hopes of raising awareness and funds for the fight against this terrible disease. Larry wears pink gloves on Sunday and compliments it with pink Nike cleats with her name “Carol” inscribed on the side. His eye black also has her name written it.

Larry is not just talking the talk, he is backing it up with his pocketbook. For every new follower Larry gets on Facebook and Twitter during October he will donate 25 cents to the fight against breast cancer. (So go like/follow Fitz!). Larry Fitzgerald is also donating $5,000 for every touchdown and $1,000 for every reception this month.

Larry Fitzgerald competes so that future women will not have to lose the same battle his mother did. October is more than just show for this future Hall of Fame receiver. It’s about changing the world and saving lives. We’re behind you Larry.

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