Geno Smith | Video Game Meets Reality


6 incompletions. 656 yards. 8 touchdowns. Are you kidding me?!?! Geno Smith was surreal against Baylor on Saturday. Most video-gamers would struggle to put up the same numbers the West Virginia quarterback on a Sony Playstation or XBox. That’s how good the senior quarterback was.

We are five weeks into the NCAA football season and the Heisman Trophy, college football’s annual award for the best player, is already Geno’s to lose. In fact, the Mountaineers’ captain has completed 81.4% of his passes this season with 20 touchdowns and zero interceptions.

Geno’s senior year is far from over. Playing for his grandmother who recently passed away, Geno is competing with a passion that few can touch on the field. He is playing every snap “on fire,” and every game conjures up images of the classic video game NBA Jams “He’s on fireeeeeeee” signature call. If there is anyone that can compete for the Heisman, they better show themselves, this game week.

For more on Geno Smith and his uncanny football season, read this piece in Yahoo! Sports.

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