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Don’t be mistaken – there will come a time in life when your number is called. It’s too late at that point to prepare and expect to succeed. Preparation is made in the days, weeks, and months prior. It is made when one works tirelessly while waiting for that one shot. And when the lights come on and opportunity arrives, the world watches how you respond.

For Cody Vaz, backup quarterback for the Oregon State Beavers, that opportunity arrived this past Saturday against Brigham Young University. Cody stepped in for star quarterback Sean Mannion after the sophomore went down with a knee injury. Sean has started the season on fire for the Beavers, with 1,358 passing yards, 7 touchdowns, and an accurate 63.3% completion percentage.

Now in steps Cody, a junior who hasn’t taken a snap in two years and even then it was sparingly during the 2010 season. At 6’ tall, Cody is a small man compared to the team’s 6’5 starter, but hasn’t let that become an issue. Some of the top passers in college football history have been 6’0 and under, including current NFL passers Drew Brees and Russell Wilson.

As if there wasn’t enough pressure on Cody heading into the game at helm for his undefeated Beavers, an Oregon State fan took out a half-page advertisement in the school newspaper that read, “Cody Vaz…We Believer in You. Signed, Beaver Nation.” That’s not something you take out if there wasn’t concern among fans.

When Saturday’s game arrived, Cody did not disappoint. The career backup threw for 332 yards and three touchdowns as Oregon State remained undefeated. The team didn’t skip a beat. With Sean still sidelined from the knee injury, Cody gets his second start this weekend against Utah. It’s an opportunity he’s waited for since arriving in Corvallis.

Are you spending today preparing for that one shot so when it finally arrives you are throwing touchdowns and not interceptions?

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