Tracey Yukich | A New Life


Tracy Yukich completed North Texas’ Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred last weekend – a hundred-mile bike race in the dreaded Texas summer heat.

It’s a big change and a new life for Tracey from the days she could barely exercise without immediate exhaustion. Tracey was a member of the Biggest Loser show in 2009 (season eight) and collapsed during a one-mile run on the beach. The collapse was triggered by a heat stroke that landed her in the hospital for 16 days and “almost ended her life”.

Since then, Tracey vowed to continue the lifestyle change the TV show encouraged.  She has completed two Boston marathons and a triathlon.

“I get teared up thinking about all the wonderful things that have happened over the last two and half years after being on the show and losing weight.”

Not bad for a North Texas woman who has shed 118 pounds from the ages of 37-39, going from 250 down to 132. Tracy is a consistent spark of light and encouragement for those wanting to compete for their life.

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