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Most people are too shy to change in front others, much less hop into an ocean butt naked. But that’s exactly what Sarah Peck did!

Sarah pledged her 29th birthday to Scott Harrison and his quest to bring clean water to those in need. She sent out letters, tweets, and calls asking for $29 for her 29th birthday from 1000 people. Her angle? If she raised the money, she’d swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco wearing nothing by a swimming cap. That’s right, a birthday swim in her birthday suit.

After 400 people and another 50+ companies donated money, time, and prizes to Sarah’s pledge, she dove into the cold waters of the San Francisco Bay Saturday, September 22.

It was simply another example of how Sarah’s life is grounded in competing for others’ in need. She created the Start Something Project to help individuals “itching to build something and willing to invest in themselves.” Sarah has spent her life helping others compete for their own and shaking the (as she puts it) “what-the-f-am-I-going-to-do moments.

Sarah is not afraid to do something “a little crazy” for something she believes in and for people worth competing for. Hat tip to you, Sarah in your ventures to change lives, and to all those in the Compete community crazy enough to leap first into the waters of life.

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