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It was a story right from the Disney archives. A blind, passionate chef takes the world by stage, blowing away her sight-abled competitors in ability.

But this was no Disney fairytale from Neverland. Christine Ha’s story is true and right from this year’s Season 3 of Fox’s MasterChef. The video of Christine’s face in shock when she first heard of her victory and then her tears of joy is as heartwarming as it gets.

Christine is a 33-year-old Houston native has learned to cook with only her sense taste, smell, and touch to guide her. She lost her sight fiveyears ago after being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that attacks the optic nerves. She has zero culinary training, but “was determined not to let blindness force her to give up cooking.”

Christine is now working on her graduate studies in creative writing and hopes to use the winnings from MasterChef to open her own ice cream story and pub. It’s an incredible journey for someone who could have easily given up hope on such things after losing her ability to see.

“I just want people to realize that they have it in themselves if they really want to. If they have that passion, that fire, that drive, that desire…you can overcome nay obstacle and any challenges to really achieve what you want and prove yourself to the world. Everyone is very capable. Much more capable than they think they are.”

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