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Aaron Rodgers stepped onto the field to open the 2008 NFL season as the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers to a chorus of boo’s. The roared echoed throughout the stadium from a fan base aching for their previous leader, three-time league MVP, and recently traded Brett Favre.

But when the 2008 season ended, Aaron and his teammates left to a standing ovation. There was no doubt that Green Bay had found another legendary talent at quarterback, and the future was shining brightly for the historic franchise.
135 touchdowns. 40 interceptions.
2011 NFL MVP.
NFL record single season passer rating of 122.5.
Super Bowl XLV MVP and win.

Since taking over for Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers has done it all, and in the process elevated himself to arguably the league’s best quarterback. It definitely didn’t start this well for Aaron.

Everyone remembers draft night eight years ago, when Aaron, a pick by many to go first overall to the San Francisco 49ers, dropped from a top-5 pick to 24th overall when Green Bay grabbed him. But Aaron’s path to the NFL started long before, when he was an unrecruited 165-pound high school quarterback who received no attention from colleges. He spent one year at a local junior college before being discovered by the University of California on accident when head coach Jeff Tedford was there recruiting a tight end.

Like his predecessor, Aaron battles through injuries to set the tone for his teammates. A sprained throwing shoulder, broken left foot, and more never kept Aaron from taking the field to compete. His leadership and ability have never been questioned by anyone on the team.

Aaron takes the field tomorrow night with his 1-1 Packers to take on the 1-1 Seattle Seahawks. Just as he has done since 2008, expect an air show over Seattle’s CenturyLink Field.

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