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Imagine spending four years of your life eating, sleeping, breathing Olympic training in hopes of not only making the Olympic Games, but winning a medal. That is the height of athletic pressure. Many sacrifices are made on the road to glory.  But when the opportunity arrives, if all goes well, you capture a medal and end your Olympic experience standing on the podium.

Now imagine selling that medal – that one physical reminder of your historical accomplishment. Why would anyone ever sell their Olympic medal?

But that’s exactly why Polish windsurfer Zofia Noceti-Klepacka is doing after winning the bronze medal in London this summer. She isn’t under any financial stress as you’d might expect. Instead, she is selling it to help another person. Her neighbor, Zuzia, is a five-year-old girl battling cystic fibrosis. Zuzia’s family can barely afford the ongoing medical needs their youngest member requires, including the five operations that she’s has already had.

Before leaving for London, Zofia vowed to Zuzia that if she won a medal, she would put it up for auction to help Zuzia. After winning bronze in windsufering, Zofia is sticking by her word. “I was going to London after the medal for her,” she told Huffington Post. It is one thing to compete for one’s self and walk away victorious. But the fire required to compete for someone else? That is something too special to not be ignored. With the weight of another’s life on her shoulders, Zofia competed. Now victorious, she hopes the auction and attention of her act will help Zuzia’s family afford any future medical needs. And be it that we’ve heard about it, a world away – it seems it has worked.

The Compete Every Day team has chosen to support Zuzia’s battle against cystic fibrosis by donating a portion of today’s sales to her family.

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