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It is estimated that 2-3 in 100 American women suffer from the eating disorder bulimia. For those unaware, it is an illness in which a person binges on food and then vomits the food to prevent weight gain.

It is a daily battle for many men and women in the country, battling self-image issues.  It’s not something many can walk away from “cold turkey.”

It was a six-to-seven year battle for Julie Kedzie. “It was definitely a dark period for me,” she recalls. A bout with severe depression and anxiety triggered Julie’s illness. It wasn’t until her older sister found out what was happening and forced Julie to come live with her and get therapy that everything changed for the better.

Julie discovered mixed martial arts toward the end of her fight with bulimia. She moved to New Mexico and started training religiously for the sport she’d instantly fallen in love with.

Now 31, it’s been almost six years since she won that fight against eating disorders. She now stands as one of the contenders competing to dethrone top women’s MMA Champion Ronda Rousey.

Despite losing this past Saturday night’s bout against Miesha Tate, Julie is itching for a rematch. Unfortunately, the fighter was medically sidelined by Strikeforce officials for up to six months due to a suspected shoulder rotator cuff injury. Once cleared, Julie will return to the ring to avenge this lost.

Pretty remarkable for a woman who just six years ago battled weight and image issues. Now she’s one of the heavy hitters in the growing sport of MMA. Anything is possible with the right attitude and she is already beaten a worthy contender in her own life.

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