Olajide Williams: Music to Change a Generation

Olajide Williams | Compete to Save Youth

Dr. Olajide Williams is on a mission to save lives.

With over two million teenagers at risk of developing diabetes and roughly $1.6 billion spent annually to market junk food to kids, our nation’s future is in severe risk of a continued health decline.

Dr. Williams knows he is fighting an uphill battle but his creativity may lead to a breakthrough in the fight against youth obesity.

With the help of rapper Doug E. Fresh, the Human Beat Box, Dr. Williams created Hip Hop Public Health. Utilizing music as an educational tool, Dr. Williams and his team use hip-hop to educate children in New York City to stroke concepts, symptoms, to immediately call 9-1-1.

Organizations such as JP Morgan Chase and the Health and Hospitals Corporation have backed the program with $25,000 donations.

At least two children who have participated in the program saved a person’s life after witnessing someone experiencing a stroke and immediately calling 9-1-1.

Fast Company named Dr. Williams one of their “100 Most Creative People in Business” with the growing success of Hip Hop Public Health. In 2011, 8,000 New York City public school children participated in the program and in 2012, the team expanded efforts to Washington, D.C.

By reinforcing healthy habits through catchy music, Dr. Williams and his team compete to change a generation’s lifestyle habits from its current trajectory to a more positive one.

“Health shouldn’t left to us doctors alone, or it is doomed to fail,” said Dr. Williams.


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